With more than 100 types of offers, rewards and a reloadable gift card, you can use OneGo to meet your business goals whether you’re online, on Main Street or across multiple locations.

Bring in customers during slow times

Create ‘happy hour’ offers to bring in customers during slow times or fill in empty seats. Set specific days and hours in the week when customers receive a free item or service, discount or cash back reward when they make a purchase.

Example offers

Early birds special

Come in Mon-Fri from 4pm-6pm and get any appetizer 50% off.

Afternoon boot camp

Book any Tues, Wed or Thurs afternoon cross fitness sessions and receive $5 in cash back rewards.

Retain existing customers

Create a cash back rewards program or a ‘club card’ with a permanent discount offer to get your customers coming back. Cash back rewards are added straight to your customers’ gift cards, giving customers an incentive to come back and spend their rewards.

Example offers

Your special discount

Get a 5% discount on everything, everyday - even sale and clearance items!

Cash back rewards program

As a valued customer you’ll receive 2% in cash back rewards every time you shop.

Promote repeat purchases

Create your own paper-less ‘stamp card’. Reward customers with freebies, discounts or cash back rewards when they purchase a specific number of items. Every time a customer comes in, the qualifying items purchased are ‘stamped’ into their card.

Example offers

Every 11th coffee is free!

Get a ‘stamp’ for every cup of coffee you buy. After 10 cups of coffee, get your next one free.

40% off every 4th shirt

Get 40% off every 4th collared shirt or blouse that you bring in for dry cleaning.

Build customer loyalty

Reward customer loyalty with status upgrades. You can make customers VIP members, silver, gold or platinum status levels, when they spend over a certain amount at your business. Offer benefits like free shipping or an extra discount on all their purchases and let them know that they’re appreciated.

Example offers

Gold customer discount

Become a Gold customer when you spend more than $200 between Jan-Mar. Gold customers get 5% off for a year!

Spend $100+ in May, get 10% off

Spend at least $100 in May and receive an extra 10% on all your purchases in June.

Promote items or services

Encourage customers to try out items or services, or even promote new locations by offering discounts, cash back rewards, gifts or multi-buy offers like ‘buy three get one free’. You can also create seasonal or clearance sales to make room for new stock. With the help of OneGo analytics, choose specific segments of your customers to up-sell or cross-sell related items or services.

Example offers

Two for one deal for smooth skin

Get 2 jars of almond shea butter cream for the price of 1! Limited supplies - hurry while stock lasts.

Spring sale

Come in for our annual Spring Fling sale! 25% off some great designer names.

Increase income per customer

Upsell by creating a ‘spend at least’ offer and setting a target amount you’d like your customers to spend. When customers spend this amount on a single purchase or over a period of time, reward them with gifts, discounts or cash back rewards.

Example offers

Spend $49 and get a doggie treat

Spend at least $49 on dog supplies this month and receive a pack of dental bones, free!

Buy a yoga series and save

Buy our $200 yoga series and get $20 in cash back rewards!

Grow your share of wallet

Get your customers to buy more of your products by creating cross-selling offers. With the help of OneGo’s targeting sharing, suggest items to your customers that are similar or related to what they already buy. If some of your customers buy wine, send them an offer on cheese and increase your share of wallet.

Example offers

25% off back to school supplies

Back to school shopping! Get 25% off school supplies when you buy clothes for the new school year.

Smoothies fan? Try our froyo!

You love mango smoothies so we thought you’d like to try a free small papaya froyo on your next visit!

Team up with other businesses

Joint offers gives you the ability to partner up with other businesses and reach out to new customers or reward customers without having to spend money. When customers purchase an item or spend a certain amount at one business, they qualify for a gift, discount or cash back rewards at another business. It’s a win win for both businesses.

Example offers

PizzaHouse loves movies!

Buy a large pizza from us and get 50% off a ticket to the movies.

Julie’s Hair pampers moms

Buy $40 in baby care products and receive $10 off a haircut for mommy at Julie’s.

Reloadable gift cards

OneGo’s reloadable gift card is an integral part of your loyalty and rewards program. When customers redeem their offers and receive cash back rewards, the rewards are instantly added to their gift card balance. No more separate gift cards, coupons and loyalty programs - it’s all one place. And when new customers receive gift cards, they automatically become members of your loyalty program.

Example offers

Top-up and get a bonus

When you top-up your gift card $10 or more, you’ll get an extra dollar added to your balance!

2% cash back on your purchases

For every purchase, earn 2% in cash back rewards. Spend your rewards on purchases by using your gift card.

Support communities and charities

Support your community and favorite charities by making it easy for your customers to make donations. Customers can donate from their gift card balance at checkout.

Example offers

Help local pets

We’re raise awareness and money for the local shelter this month. A $3 donation can go a long way.

Make a difference this holiday

Make a difference this holiday & donate $5 from your gift card to the Helping Hands Shelter.

Creating offers is quick, easy and has an incredible amount of functionality.

Just fill out a simple form:

  • 1Decide when to make your offer available
  • 2Set the trigger and reward for your offer
  • 3Manage SKUs
  • 4Limit your offer to a specific number of customers or to one per customer

How offers can be triggered:

  • Any purchase
  • On the purchase of specific items or services
  • For spending a certain amount
  • For topping-up a gift card

Condition can be met in a single purchase or over multiple purchases.

Types of offer rewards:

  • Free item or service
  • Fixed price discount
  • % discount
  • Fixed cash discount
  • % in cash back rewards
  • Fixed cash back rewards

Fixed and % rewards can be applied to individual items and services or to the entire purchase.

Set a pending period for cash back rewards that matches your business’ return policy.

Joint offers

Team up with other businesses to create joint-offers and reach out to each others’ customer base.

Customers qualify for a reward at Business A and claim their reward at Business B.

Donation campaigns

Initiate donation campaigns to support communities and charities.

Specify an amount for customers to donate. Donations are taken from your customers’ gift card balances.

Instantly track the donations that have been collected.

Gift cards

You have the option to enable gift cards with or without the ability to top-up. Gift cards must be enabled to create offers with cash back rewards.

Online businesses can give their customers redemption codes that function as gift cards.

Design your offer with your text and an image.

Your text and image are an important part of branding your business. Make sure the image is something customers can recognize and connect to you.

If you can’t fit everything in the title and short description, there’s a box for additional text and terms

You can always change the text and image after it has been shared.

For integrated cash registers & eShops:

  • 1Add SKUs to your offer for automatic shopping cart modification
  • 2Create and manage an SKU list for non-rewardable items
  • 3Create and manage an SKU list for items ineligible for gift card use

Enter SKUs one by one, copy paste or import CSV file.

Let everyone know about the offers and rewards you’ve created for them.

Targeted Sharing

With OneGo big data analytics and advanced sharing, you can target the right customers with the right offer at the right time. Grow your share of wallet, cross-sell and up-sell by personalizing offers based on items your customers buy. Reward loyal customers or send offers to customers that haven’t been in recently and get them back in.

Target your customers:

by choosing specific demographics:

  • gender
  • age

by purchase history:

  • amount spent
  • offers previously used
  • particular items (not) purchased
  • number of visits

Purchase history can also be narrowed to specific days and hours.

Reaching customers

When you press ‘Share’, offers:

  • are distributed to OneGo customer accounts
  • posted on Facebook & Twitter
  • appear in the OneGo widget on your website
  • generate a short hyperlink that you can share with customers through your newsletter, mailing list or post online at various sites
  • appear in the banner on your website

By using our Core API you can also customize your OneGo widget and integrate OneGo with your mobile app or eWallet.

Customer experience

Customers can check offers and gift card balances via or in the OneGo widget on your website. If your customers have opted for notifications, they’ll receive an email the moment the offer becomes available.

OneGo has already integrated with Passbook so your customers can immediately add your rewards program to their iPhone.

Offers also show:

  • Number of ‘stamps’ received
  • ‘Distance’ to ‘spend at least’ rewards
  • Rewards accumulated
  • Number of available offers left
  • Offers about to expire
  • Overall donations collected

Analytics are the building blocks of good business.

Analytics is a vital aspect of your business decisions. Using easy-to-read charts and graphs, OneGo big data analytics tells you the story about your customers.

See reports on:

  • demographics data (gender, age)
  • new vs. repeat customers
  • what they have or haven’t bought (by SKU) and how many
  • how much they have spent
  • busy vs. slow times
  • number of visits
  • marketing channels that brought them in (OneGo, POS, Facebook, Twitter, URL, mobile)
  • how many times a specific offers was redeemed and by whom
  • how much was spent from gift cards
  • number of ‘stamps’ collected, donations made, etc.

Contact regarding custom analytics and raw data, such as:

  • what products different customer segments buy
  • how much and when different customer segments spend
  • and much more

Sharing is an integrated part of your analytics in OneGo. Check out ‘Sharing’ to see the many ways you can target customers with personalized offers.

Easily apply offers and gift card balances during checkout.

Complete integration

Cash registers and eShops integrate with OneGo using our API. During checkout, all applicable offers will be applied automatically and gift card balances will appear.

Any SKUs associated with the offer as well as non-rewardable and ineligible lists will be applied accordingly.

For more information on POS integration and ready-made plugins please visit our Developers page.

Cash register integration

Simply swipe your customer’s OneGo card, type in a cell phone number or use an email address at point of sale. To use gift card balances, OneGo cards must be presented at time of purchase for security purposes.

eShop integration

Email addresses are used for customer identification during checkout to automatically apply offers and make gift card balances and redemption codes available.

Rewards Register

For a quick start, brick and mortar businesses can use the OneGo Rewards Register web app next to their cash registers at point of sale. It works on any computer, tablet or smart phone in Chrome or Safari browsers.

Sales representatives type in a customer’s OneGo card or cell number into the entry field, and their offers and gift card balance appear. They simply select and apply the appropriate offers for your customer’s purchase. To use gift card balances, OneGo cards must be presented at time of purchase for security purposes.

Customer identification

OneGo Cards come with a magnetic strip, card number, barcode and security code on the back. You can order ready-made cards through your OneGo business account or contact for customized cards.

A customer only needs one OneGo card, cell phone number or email address for all businesses that use OneGo.

Mobile apps and eWallets can be integrated with OneGo and used for customer identification.

Passbook is available for iPhone users.

Manage customer account questions and returns in Customer Care.

Search for customers and transactions by:

  • OneGo card number
  • Cell phone number
  • Email address
  • Receipt or transaction number
  • Redemption code

Once you’ve found your customer’s account, you’ll be able to:

  • see your customer’s transaction history
  • check your customer’s gift card and redemption code balance
  • see offers available for that customer
  • process returns and manage cash back rewards
  • be able to manually distribute Customer Care offers
  • top-up gift card balances